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Daily Gold Report - Isn't Gold rocking??

Din't we said, we expecting above $ 1350 very soon? A basic information to all the traders,always just get along with the trend. For the past one week we are informing very clearly that there is a positive corner in Gold beware of short positions. And as we said check the levels

<u>Only break above $1343> $1368 > $1380> $1402. If fails to break then $13022 < $1304 < $1286 < $1252 then below $1200 possible.</u>

Now check what happened just a break above $1343, it jtook minutes to reach next level and closed nearly $1367 good strong signal for positive corner again. The logic is very simple, , dont get confused with any other technical report saying that yesterday Gold rallies towards all the hurdles and made a good high as huge losses in U.S equities and options and people opted for safe haven and so on..,

Why we refuse to understand the common logic. Its very simple.Record high shorts are filled in commodities even after Gold crossing above $1300, Majority of the traders inspite of making much losses holding their positions in commodities. When historic level of shorts are being maintained then what has to be done to eradicate them?

Increased Margin amount in commodities.

The next month contract was low as 400 rupees.

Strong rumours Gold will be dragged down badly. Even after all these, record high shorts maintained.

A common man can tell what will happen next.The simple logic as I was mentioning Gold will GLITTER again.As I mentioned in our previous reports Gold prices will hold strong. Just check the levels. Any Questions? Feel free to ask. Gold reports simplified. WWW.GOLDMANFORECAST.COM