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Small Business Sales

Businesses invest in marketing, customer service, increasing the basket of products and improving service. Sales, although this is an important part of the business is a barrier because it requires more difficult work whether it's making phones or going out into the field. The cost of the employee is expensive as well as accompanying expenses, car, telephone, etc. At the same time, there is no better option to get customers than to meet them and sell.

With introduction and technology, businesses have developed a variety of marketing methods suitable for the technological era. In recent years, a large number of marketing platforms have emerged, mainly on the Internet. But numbers say there is no direct correlation between Internet marketing and revenue growth. In other words, the benefit usually does not exceed the cost.

The amazing is that the proliferation of marketing platforms is not keeping pace with business growth. That is, more businesses get up and marketed than innovative marketing platforms are established. A situation is created where no matter how much you market, especially if you are a small or medium business, there will always be a share of potential customers who have not heard about you.

We all understand that marketing should be done but the sale is the execution of marketing and in this many businesses fall. With the lack of understanding that sales should be invested more than marketing itself. Especially small business whose sales - marketing budget is limited. Therefore, in calculating feasibility, we must examine all the measures that are needed in order to maximize revenue.

Making sales is an acquired skill but in the same breath is innate talent, and as a talented sales agent will not build a website like a talented programmer, an inexperienced, experienced and talented business owner can not make sales even if he knows his product well. Since the sale is not usually closed on the details.

I do not argue that marketing is not necessary, but allocating resources equally between the sales department and the marketing department is the solution. Small and medium businesses face the dilemma - whether to hire a sales person or hire outsourced sales services. The answer is always in the economic ability and business stage in which the business is located. It is recommended for small businesses to hire outsourced salesman services because the risk is lower, less than employer costs, usually the agreement is on a low basis and percentage of sales, and there is operational flexibility. The relationship between the sales person and the business is not harmed and the familiarity with the product. The salesman goes on behalf of the company for the company as if he was an employee of hers.

Before you spend all resources on advertising means that place the responsibility for contacting the customer, you must consider that there must be an opposite action. Bringing the product to the customer and causing it to react and not just to act. Both are correct because if we do not make the phone to the customer someone else will do.