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A.K's Powershares (and ETF) test portfolio and analysis p.2

|Includes: BF.B, MCD, MO, PowerShares DWA Momentum Portfolio ETF (PDP), PFM, PWC, SPHQ, UTX, XPH

Continuing a pretend fund - a very simple one.   An occasional looking deeper.
As of mid-June 2011.


Lists of shared components, (all low % of each ETF, each is five percent of a holdings at the most within its entity)

4: Nothing in all 4  (you'll notice that we count XPH as drugs seperately from the Powershares vehicles.)

3:   11  Within PDF,PFM & PIV:     (  BF.B, CHRW, GWW, HRL, MCD, MO, ROP, SHW, SIAL, UTX, VFC )  Of these eleven, McDonalds is 4% by being 1% in PIV and three of PFM.
Within PWC, PFM & PIV  (CVX - Chevron)  Works out as 5+4 percents from about 95k shares and 77k shares in PFM & PWC respectively, and a scrap only in PIV.

2: pairs.  About seventy-five or so (Missed at least RL in a tally) Since there are
413 equities here, that's 0.19 rough  (anti)correlation - more about that later.