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Is Sprint Ready to Come Off Its Lows?

|Includes: Sprint Corporation (S)

With the acquisition of the new iPhone 4S, Sprint seems poised to regain some much needed ground and come up off of its lows.  Sprint is sitting at $2.80 a share, which is an attractive number to anyone who likes to see activity in their investment account.  For just under $3,000, you could own 1,000 shares of a company that sells Apples biggest money producer, the iPhone.  But, the question has been raised...Did Sprint pay too much for this right, and have they signed their own death ticket in doing so?

I firmly believe that they will thrive from their expensive smartphone purchase.  With over 300 million cell phone subscriptions, variety is very important.  Especially when one of the major carriers (AT&T) is rife with customer complaints and expensive data plans.  Sprint on the other hand, is thought of as the customer oriented carrier who also has an unlimited data plan.  The unlimited data plan can certainly come in handy if you use your iPhone for internet tethering.  I am certainly biased, due to my long standing AT&T subscription.  

But is this enough to carry Sprint off of its low and into profitable territory? I think so. To be thought of as a partner with Apple is the same as having your new product showcased on the Oprah Winfrey Show... Like money in the bank.  This is the jolt that Sprint needed after a four year rundown from $23.00 in the summer of 2007. The stock price is low enough to accumulate massive amounts of shares, or an extender option date is just as attractive.  
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