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Apple should buy Kodak

Simply put, Kodak would cost Apple roughly 1.1bln : Calculated roughly using total market cap plus a 20 percent premium. They could avoid the current law suit for patent infringement which could cost 300 million approximately. Add to that the potential to earn from Kodaks patent portfolio (which is according to some is the most valuable part of the company - this would include the current suit with RIM which should be worth 300mio) Note Kodak settled similar patent disputes with LG and Samsung in 2009 and 2010. The two South Korean consumer electronics makers agreed to pay Kodak $400 million and $550 million, respectively, to license its technology.

In the end, the total cost to apple using my dumb_but_lucky calculator would be around 600mio, (total cost of 1.1bln minus 600mio, plus 100mio for merger costs) For this, Apple would get, all of Kodaks patents, and its only jewel - its personal printers which are apparently much cheaper to run because of its ink cartridge technology.

Apple could then sexify the printers - maybe come out with a white version ; ) and sell them at an Apple premium. Kodaks printers would get a decent distribution network for its printers, which can already print from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or BLACKBERRY device, and apple would get a new revenue stream.

This would kick HP, one of Apples potential competitors and stop everyone who buys a MAC from even thinking about HP.

Then to add some icing on the cake, they could hire Mark Hurd.