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FCCN, SEM, CRWE, COT, BEE - Stock Report! March 1st 2011

signup3m Spectral Capital Corporation (OTCPK:FCCN)

Gold is a secure and easy investment that should comprise a percentage of anyone’s investment portfolio. While buying gold in the physical form of coins and bars is the simplest way to go, there are other more complex gold mining stocks and futures that could be alternative ways to invest.

FCCN is focused on the acquisition of a significant portfolio of properties for mining activities.

FCCN has acquired two very large mineral properties, both of which have the potential to yield gold and other minerals that would create massive value. Both of these properties are in regions where significant gold has been found while also providing us with a geographic balance. The initial acquisition is based in the Chita Region of Russia and the most recent acquisition is in Kazakhstan. Currently the company has separate geological firms actively working on the development of these properties.

FCCN received a Letter of Interest from the US Export-Import Bank, an organ of the United States government designed to provide funding for companies just like Spectral.

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