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COH, AVOT, WLP, GRHU, ECL - Stock Report! March 2nd 2011


Coach Inc. (NYSE:COH) announced Michael F. Devine, III, will retire as Chief Financial Officer after nearly 10 years with the company. In order to facilitate a smooth transition, Mr. Devine is expected to stay until August 2011. The company is commencing a search for his successor. “Mike has played a critical role in developing and executing the strategies that have driven our superior sales and earnings growth during his tenure with the company,” said Lew Frankfort, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Coach, Inc.

Coach, Inc. engages in the design and marketing of accessories and gifts for men and women in the United States and internationally.

Well-known minerals that contain yttrium include gadolinite, xenotime, samarskite, euxenite, fergusonite, yttrotantalite, yttrotungstite, yttrofluorite (a variety of fluorite), thalenite, yttrialite. Small amounts occur in zircon, which derives its typical yellow fluorescence from some of the accompanying heavy lanthanides. The zirconium mineral eudialyte, such as is found in southern Greenland, also contains small but potentially useful amounts of yttrium. Of the above yttrium minerals, most played a part in providing research quantities of lanthanides during the discovery days. Xenotime is occasionally recovered as a byproduct of heavy sand processing, but has never been nearly as abundant as the similarly recovered monazite (which typically contains a few percent of yttrium). Uranium ores processed in Ontario have occasionally yielded yttrium as a byproduct.

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