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Composite Portfolio Midday Report (5/21/13)

|Includes: AAPL, ANH, Frontline Ltd. (FRO), HLF, MO, NAT, PRTA, RAI, UMC, XIN

Dow Jones Industrial Average +0.33%
S&P 500 +0.22%
NASDAQ Composite +0.20%
Russell 2000 +0.09%
Climbers and Dogs +0.27%
Pretty Girls and Railroads +0.20%
Widows and Orphans +0.18%
Cumulative +0.22%

News for companies in your portfolios

  • Apple chief faces harsh questions on tax
    May 21 2013 16:21 BST
    Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, faced harsh questioning on the US technology group's tax strategies after congressional investigators revealed that the company avoided paying billions of dollars in levies around the world by exploiting loopholes and funnelling profits through low-tax Irish subsidiaries. In his opening statement on Tuesday morning, Carl...
  • US stocks muted in early trading
    May 21 2013 15:57 BST
    US stocks were muted in early activity despite strong gains in shares of Home Depot as it said the ongoing US housing recovery helped lift its first quarter net profits. The S&P 500 had initially rose to test intraday record highs, but was fractionally lower at 1,665.32 in the opening...
  • JPMorgan braced for investor criticism
    May 21 2013 14:57 BST
    JPMorgan Chase was braced for a significant blow from shareholders at an annual meeting that has become a touchstone for US corporate governance, although Jamie Dimon, chairman and chief executive, is expected to fend off a vote to strip him of one of his roles. But people familiar with preliminary...
  • Vodafone: crackling lines
    May 21 2013 14:55 BST
    Ever felt that sense of relief when a crackling phone connection clears and the caller no longer seems to be oceans deep? Vodafone's full-year earnings on Tuesday were a little like that. At first sight, the numbers were hardly cause for celebration. Underlying revenues from phone services were down by...
  • Reliance and China Development Bank chiefs talk up trade target
    May 21 2013 14:42 BST
    Amid all the talk of closer business ties between Asia's two great emerging economies, Monday's inaugural meeting of the India-China chief executives' forum in New Delhi could scarcely have asked for two more appropriate chairmen. Billionaire Anil Ambani of India's Reliance group and Hu Huaibang of China Development Bank presided...


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Frontline Ltd
United Microelectronics Corp
Prothena Corporation PLC
Herbalife Ltd
Nordic American Tanker Ltd
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Xinyuan Real Estate Co Ltd
Anworth Mortgage Asset Corp
Altria Group Inc
Reynolds American Inc
Apple Inc

Disclosure: I am long FRO, UMC, PRTA, HLF, NAT, XIN, ANH, MO, RAI, AAPL.