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The Greatest Short On Wall Street

|Includes: Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (CDTI)

CDTI is most likely the greatest short on Wall Street. Simply put, the company has so much over hanging it's stock price that Shorts need not worry about covering their positions. Since the company has a large institution holder owning 15.3 percent of the company, anytime their is a rally they sell blocks. Furthermore the company is gearing up to issue around 1.8 million new shares to Lincoln Park Capital which doubly adds fuel to the fire for shorts to keep their positions on.

If you notice the trading pattern behind the stock, generally their is a price spike in the first half hour of trading each day and then the price slowly fades away by day's end. Any new buys that are uninformed quickly become victims to the Shorts who are in control. Because the company has so many warrants, and lines of credit out, any new PR releases act as traps for new investors. Warning, this company is very dangerous and is corrupt, and their is a reason why its heavily shorted! STAY AWAY from this company.


Disclosure: I am short CDTI.