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Picking A Winner In The Beginning And Sticking With It

There are a lot of StockTalks and Instablogs in the SA World about what penny to buy, and how one is better than the other. One thing you'll find out about me is that I'm always invested in the stocks I bolster. I wouldn't expect you to clean a toilet unless I was willing to do it myself. Albeit, at my house, it'd probably be a rifle. $DSCR, Discovery Minerals Ltd., is more than just a stock to watch (but that's fun too). There are several previously explosive comparable stocks that have been very successful with the same approach Discovery is taking right now. Unlike many "advisors" on SA, I'm not afraid to HOLD a penny stock if I truly believe in it...thus, I'm holding $DSCR. I would recommend you do the same. Remember, I'm not an expert, unless dumb@ss is in the same sentence. Get in early, hold the line, and perhaps, experience investment glory.