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Euro FH In Germany Offers State-Of-The-Art Bachelor And Master Degrees

The most popular university in the remote network hones up student learning opportunities

The Euro FH, one of the most popular schools in Germany that offers remote state-of-the-art bachelor and master degrees and certificate courses, announces several programs available to interested students who could not manage an in-house study due to distance constraints.

Euro FH offers the following courses: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (NYSE:BA), Business Psychology (BA), Finance and Management, Logistics Management, and Business Law (LL.B.). For the master's degree, the following courses are also offered: Master Business Coaching & Change Management (NYSE:MA), Business Psychology and General Management (MBA).

Breaking the barrier to students who want to pursue a master's degree but have not finished their bachelor courses, the Euro FH also sponsors relevant programs for those who do not have previous diplomas, one of which is the AKAD. At AKAD, a bachelor's degree without A-levels in all fields of study that are offered as first degree is possible.

Nearly 20 percent of all AKAD students will have an academic certification. Currently, there are almost 1000 working people without the high school diploma but have completed their studies successfully at AKAD.

The requirements for a distance-learning course without A-levels at AKAD include:

  • Participants with professional training and practical experience.
    If you are already a professional with practical experience, you can qualify to the AKAD College and at AKAD University of Leipzig to study.
  • The first two semesters of the sample studies would be considered a probationary period. If the test program is completed successfully, set your studies seamlessly with its entry into the 3rd Semester (Bachelor) away.
  • Master exam
    If you have already completed a Master exam or can demonstrate equivalent training, studying at the three universities of Leipzig and Stuttgart is possible.
  • Vocational Training
    When you have completed a vocational education, you must pass the annual university entrance exam. This consists of a one-year preparatory course, which consists of six modules and you need to take the tests. With the success of these tests, you will receive the university entrance at AKAD University in Leipzig.

Furthermore, bachelor's degree programs at the Euro FH are possible even without a high school diploma. However, certain conditions must be met in order to complete a distance education without a diploma.

Applicants must complete one of the following specialized trainings:

  1. A training course for business administration studies, accountancy, business administrator, skilled businessman / woman, state-certified technician or master
  2. They have a certificate under the ship's officer-training regulation
  3. You have a degree from an accredited technical school or a degree recognized as equivalent.
  • They have a final state law training schemes for health professionals, in the field of social care and social work professions, which are comparable to the above. Have completed vocational training and several years of experience. If you have completed professional training and have at least three years in a career, a study grant without graduating from the Euro FH is possible.

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