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Large triangles on stock indices and major currency pairs: big moves coming

Stock indices in Asia and major currency pairs are closing in on the conclusions of large triangles that have been in formation since around 2008.
Hang Seng:  


Shanghai Composite: 


Source: Yahoo Finance


Australian index: 


Are these indices lagging the West and about to break out upwards? Or have Western indices begun a topping process which will be accompanied by a breakdown in Eastern indices?

We see a similar formation behind the scenes of the S&P500 action, looking at market breadth: 


Source: Astrocycle / Stockcharts
The Mclellan oscillator typically produces a positive or negative divergence ahead of a move in the stock market. It has been teasing us for some time by narrowing in its range, but keep an eye on it for a lead move, breaking one way or the other. 

Turning to the major currency pairs, and relations between USD, GBP and USD:
Euro / GBP: 


Euro / USD: 




Breakout against the dollar? Is the big move coming to be a breakdown of the US dollar, associated with a breakout for long term treasury yields and a big move up in gold? 


Source: Yahoo Finance 


Source: Gold Scents

In all the above scenarios, a safe strategy is to await a breakout, then a successful backtest of the breakout (to ensure it is not a fakeout), before trading in the direction of the breakout.

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