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How To Become a Great Spread Trader Free Webinar!

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), GLD, NFLX

"Over a year ago I was having lunch with a good friend and client of mine. He expressed the frustration he was having trading options. He asked to me to review his trades and see if I could help him.

After going through his trades I noticed that many of his trades would of been winners but unfortunately due to market volatility and options time decay, he had released a loss instead of a profit. I took the next three months to teach him our most successful option strategies.

About 6 months ago he asked to go to lunch, I had not spoken to him for over 4 months. He explained that in first quarter of implementing the option strategies learned he had realized over a 34% in his options trading portfolio. I went home and thought about what had just happened, and how happy my friend was. After this experience is when I decided to start teaching our option strategies that have taken years of trading to develop."

Location: Your computer it's a Webinar

Time & Date: Wednesday, June March 8th 2011 at 7:30PM ETWhat to Bring: Your brian and a cup of coffeeAttire: your at your home so whatever you feel comfortable inBut hurry spaces are limitedTo sign up: email: include Free Options Teleseminar on subject lineSimple 7 Step Options Strategies Teleseminar Wednesday 6/8/11 at 7:30 PM ETRegistration Form URL:
Simple 7 Step Options Strategies Free Teleseminar:In this teleseminar we are going to cover one of our Simple 7 Step Options Strategies. This strategy I have used for many years and is one of my favorite strategies. I decided to teach this strategy after a select number of my students that I taught it to have had excellent results. Once you understand how to implement this strategy it can really help you trade options succesfully.


  • No matter if you are a fundamental trader or technical trader this strategies work
  • If you work full time and don't have the time to watch the market all day you can implement this strategies
  • This options strategies works no matter your account size, you can have a few thousand or hundreds of thousands they work
  • Learn how to trade stocks like Google, Apple, Netflix, GLD, ect.. with a few hundred dollars
  • The strategies take less than 10 minutes a day to monitor.
Our first quarter was a great success and we have made many improvements to our Options Strategies Trading Course. If you want to learn more about our course visit: