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Why natural gas is the energy of the future

|Includes: Par Petroleum Corp (PARR)

Four years ago, when oil crossed $100 per barrel it made huge headlines and everyone was talking about the finite amount of oil resources in the world. Today oil is comfortably above $100 resulting constantly decreasing disposable income in every house hold and nobody even cares. Gasoline price is slowly eating away the prosperity of america as less disposable income means companies will be making less revenues. Uncle Sam is hit hard as the overall profitability is declining in the economy as a whole. One would argue that corporate profits are at a record high in S&P 500, but the comparison is short-sighted as we need to see the economic picture as a whole. 
Natural gas is a great alternative to oil as the entire cost of producing jobs in america, besides tilting the balance of trade favorably.

I like natural gas companies having market cap far below their proven reserves.
Large cap