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November Performance Update: +32.27% Ytd

One more month to go before 2012 comes to a close. December this year may turn out to be quite eventful, with the fiscal cliff negotiations and the continuing uptick in the economic indicators. Will we be pulled back into recession as many feel in 2013?

We decided to post our performance stats at the end of November and it would be interesting how the Value Stock Guide portfolio navigates the volatility that is sure to be high during December.

In summary, the Value Stock Guide portfolio is

1. Up 32.27% YTD (Nov 30) vs 12.61% YTD S&P500, and,

2. Up 122.74% vs 48.44% S&P 500 between Jul 23, 2009 and Nov 30, 2012, cumulative

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From my perspective, December might prove to be a great time to hunt for new ideas and opportunities as fear rules the market. In anticipation, I have begun to build a short list of stocks I want to be tracking for great fundamentals and valuation to set up our portfolio for 2013.

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