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Phoenix Metals: Rise From The Ashes

Metals/elements are the simplest or smallest material that either singularly or combined with other elements make everything we KNOW of e.g. animals, water, trees, cars, houses, land, computers and anything you can think of.

So if you own an element you would want this element to be very special and you should be willing to pay ANY price for this element. I am not talking about Gold, I am talking about Molybdenum. In this article I will bring up at least one more important factor for investing in ANY life giving element.

Hydrogen is the simplest element we know of and has the #1 on the periodic table of the elements. Any elements heavier than Iron(#26) are created from a particular type of star.

In other words... to get elements of #27 and heavier you need a particular type of star.

The elements I like to concentrate on are created in particular stars and can create life as we know it. After all we are made with star material. These 5 elements are called transition metals and I would definitely consider investing in these: Cobalt(#27), Nickel(#28), Copper(#29), Zinc(#30), Molybdenum(#42).

The heavier elements after Iron (#26) on the periodic table, are all much more scarce. Therefore Molybdenum takes the position of the "rarest life creating transition metal grown in a special star."

As an amateur astronomer I consider everything in our universe relevant, especially when it comes to investing. Time is definitely not what we think it is, especially in outer space e.g. Orion Nebula and 1987a.

Our Sun is a medium sized star. The abundance by mass is 71% Hydrogen, 27.1% Helium, 0.97% Oxygen, 0.4% Carbon, 0.096% Nitrogen and 0.434% of 62 other detected elements. Our Sun has very small amounts of heavy elements. Earth just happens to be highly abundant in heavy metals (#27 and higher), thankfully when our Sun was created it didn't absorb them all.

Deep space travel is unpredictable in a sense that we would need to bring important metals with us if we can not determine the chemical composition of the intended destination.

The phoenix metal refers to metals/elements that you could invest in and the metal would be truly recyclable or rise from ashes. #1 metal applied to growing medium. #2 metal ingested by plant. #3 life form eats plant #4 metal is eventually recycled back to environment. Useless metals cannot do what I just explained! In the future anything and everything could easily be constructed in a lab from elements, specifically... food.

For now plants are our lifeline and we need these plants to have specific elements in certain ratios in the soil beneath them. Growing big plants that are mineral deficient (among other things) just to fill our stomachs does not satisfy the brain, so we eat more to try and satisfy our brain. Plants do their magic by utilizing these available elements/metals and making delicious healthy unexplainable food e.g. there is a super conductor that works even better when dipped in red wine, which for now is unexplainable.

On a recent episode of a popular physics show, someone had a concept of how to build a starship and this ship had to travel to our nearest star Alpha Centauri (4-4.5 light years away). The ship was mentioned to have large solar sails, anti-matter/matter colliding engines, laser lattice force fields, artificial gravity to keep us healthy and carbon nano technology shell(carbon is life giving). I think it was ideal but what about food supply? This is where Molybdenum could be used extensively on the ship because of its extreme strength and high melting point. The whole ship would be constructed of life giving elements. Therefore when you arrive at your permanent destination, it would become your food source and shelter.

I understand that people look for ways to make money through stock markets and a hundred other ways, investing in a certain scheme when the price is low and sell high, investing in cycles through commodities or stocks, but what about keeping an investment for a long time never to sell it unless you really need to or civilization needs you to?

I welcome any arguments that would persuade me to invest in gold... I have read way too many brainwashed, economic and repetitive stories on this metal.

Due diligence and do your own research.

Carlo Biancardi, January 3, 2012.