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Star Scientific (CIGX) And The Multi-Billion Dollar Potential

|Includes: Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RCPI)

Star Scientific (CIGX) represents a rare ground floor opportunity with multi-billion dollar potential in earnings in the not so distant future. Star is a very unique stock that doesn't come along that often that has 2 aspects to its business. We could even see the company split into 2 seperate companies very soon as discussed before here.

The first being the tobacco side and the second being the medical side. First off the Tobacco side with bullet proof curing patents which reduce TSNA to below detectable levels should come into play this year with a licensing deal from any one of the big tobacco companies which could bring in hundreds of millions in royalties and upfront payments. Also on the tobacco side we have the RJR lawsuit which has been a long 10 year drudge and is now with a magistrate for settlement negotiations and should end this year, which could bring in anywhere from 300 million plus an ongoing royalty deal.

Then on the other side of the coin we have what could be a huge biotech company with sales ramping up of Anatabloc which currently sells at all GNC locations and online. We should also see more sales avenues in the near future with a national TV commercial featuring Fred Couples coming this Summer. Currently there are 3 clinical trials running with compounds of Anatabine Citrate one for Thyroiditis and one for Alzheimer's and one called the "Flint Study" which we should see preliminary results from in the next couple of months. There are also various studies being done at Johns Hopkins and Roskamp institute. Also we could see a licensing deal on Anatabine Citrate by a big biotech in the near future for studies on Anatabine for various uses. Another big catalyst for CIGX is the short position currently 16% of the float or 21 Million shares are short which could bring a lot of fuel to the fire once this takes off. With ongoing research on the uses for Anatabine and ramping sales of Anatabloc and the Patents on Tobacco curing technology look for CIGX to be a possible 10 bagger from this point in the very near future.

Disclosure: I am long CIGX.