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You’re Bound to Find the Right Binding Machine at Office1web Ireland

Binding machines are handy pieces of office equipment to keep in the office, particularly if your business regularly requires the binding of presentations, brochures or documents as it can save you considerable costs at the local copy shop. There are a number of different types of binding machines on the market, from coil or wire binders to thermal binders, each with their own benefits for specific binding jobs. Whatever your binding requirements, you’re bound to find the right machine for you at Office1web Ireland (!


If your office needs to regularly bind documents, either for presentations or for formal documents, manuals or brochures, then it makes sense to invest in your own binding office equipment so that you don’t have to pay each time you need a binding job. Regular binding requirements mean that binders are office products that end up paying for themselves over time. However, they are not the cheapest of office supplies, so before you purchase, make sure you know the difference between the types of binding machines so that you get the most for your money.


Coil binding machines, also known as comb binders, are arguably the easiest to use of the binding machines, being less fiddly thanks to their plasticised combs. These binders tend to be best for small to medium binding jobs. Wire binding machines come in manual or electric versions, both available from Office1 Ireland, with the manual wire binders being the most widely used. However, given that they are a little more tricky to use than coil binders, the popularity of the slightly more expensive E-Electric wire binders is growing. Thermal binding machines give quite a different result to the coil and wire binders. They provide you with neat, flat documents bound together by wrap-around covers, using heated glue to push pages together into a solid bind. Office1 Ireland stock GBC thermal binders which boast fast heat-up and binding turn-around time and have a capacity of either 200 or 400 sheets.


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