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Modular Homes from SIPFIT Direct: The Future of Housing

There is a palpable shift in modern housing, reports leading manufacturer of structural insulated panels SIPFIT Direct ( On one hand rising energy costs are threatening widespread fuel poverty and on the other environmental pressures demand that housing becomes carbon neutral and we in turn insist on better levels of thermal efficiency in our homes. UK building regulations are being updated to reflect these changing times in construction. SIPFIT Direct presents the solution to these new challenges: modular homes made with SIPs – the future of housing.

The demand for greater energy efficiency in our homes is brought about by consumers needing to bring down energy bills and the government needing to address the carbon footprint of the construction industry. The result is new codes of practice within the UK building regulations which are based on the government’s blueprint of low-cost social housing. In an increasingly competitive era of construction where the industry is being forced to find more efficient building methods and reduce labour costs, this blueprint, which has the use of SIPs at its core, looks to be practical for consumers as well as builders, contractors and architects.

In order to meet the new building codes of practice, construction needs to be environmentally sound; highly thermally efficient; low-cost and labour-saving; while being reliable and durable. Such a tall order requires the use of products such as SIPs, the low-cost, high quality insulated panels with a thermal foam core. It is SIPs that have been used in flat pack house construction and government social housing, the blueprint of which will be rolled out across general housing construction in order to meet the new building regulations.

SIPFIT Direct is excited to introduce its exciting new housing concept based on the outstanding performance of SIPs: modular homes. Modular homes are an excellent example of how to use SIPs to meet all the requirements set out by the new codes of practice. This is an entirely unique product which matches design, build quality and speed of construction with value for money, at all times meeting the requirements for energy efficiency. Modular homes represent the future of housing because they solve so many of the problems raised by this challenging new era for construction. Labour costs are reduced as the shells of the modular homes are created off-site, the SIPs are inherently energy efficient and they facilitate speedy construction due to their low weight and volume and flexibility.

Modular homes from SIPFIT Direct are set to become the next generation of housing in the UK. To find out further information and to view an image gallery of a modular home from design to completion, visit