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Know Your Halogen Light Bulbs

Halogen light bulbs are electric lamps which contain a small amount of halogen gas. First used in the automobile industry, halogen light bulbs are now used in residential lighting and are able to withstand higher temperatures than standard incandescent light bulbs, making them brighter and more efficient. Here, the home of cheap lightbulbs Ryness ( tells you what you need to know about halogen light bulbs.


Inside every halogen light bulb is a tungsten filament surrounded by halogen gas (either bromine or iodine). The halogen gas causes the tungsten particles to separate from the lit filament before settling back. This movement of filament prevents particles attaching to the glass of the bulb casing, providing a brighter light and giving the light bulb a longer life. This is important when it comes to choosing which lightbulbs are for you: cheap lightbulbs are not necessarily the ones which cost less, but the ones which perform well over the longest period, offering the best value for money over time. Halogen lightbulbs can produce more light than one of the standard cheap lightbulbs without using any more energy thanks to their ability to operate at higher temperatures.


When it comes to choosing halogen lightbulbs you’ll find there are a number of different types divided between mains voltage and low voltage. Mains voltage halogen bulbs include the G9 bulb which is compact, with two flat pins pushing into the light fitting, and the GU10 bulb which is 50mm in width, with a 10mm gap between two studs which use a twist-lock action to insert into the light fitting.


The low voltage halogen bulbs are the GU5.3 (also known as the MR16), measuring 50mm across with a 5.3mm gap between two pins, and the slightly smaller GU4, measuring 35mm across the bulb with a 4mm gap between pins. Both of these low voltage halogen light bulbs simply push into the light fitting.

Because halogen bulbs cost more than standard cheap lightbulbs, it’s important to ensure that you choose the right type for your fitting, but once you have done that, you are ensured of a bright light (more resembling natural light than many other bulbs) which will last longer than the old style of bulbs.


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