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Top tips on keeping your picnic table safe and secure

You’ve just bought a beautiful new picnic table, you’ve checked the care instructions and you’re looking forward to years of enjoyment. But have you thought about the security of your picnic table – how easy it is to steal? Unfortunately, as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of picnic tables, bench seats and planter seats, Benchmark ( hears about the growing numbers of picnic tables being stolen, both from private gardens and public places such as playgrounds, picnic areas and pub gardens. Follow these top tips to ensure you keep your picnic table in your possession.


By far the best way to ensure picnic tables don’t go walkabout is to secure them to the surface on which they stand. How you do this depends on the type of surface your picnic bench is kept on. If your picnic table is on a hard surface such as tarmac, concrete or flagstones then it’s best to use brackets to bolt the table to the hard floor. Security has become such an issue for our customers that we have ensured that we sell our own bracket kits to help customers combat this problem. The kits come with four galvanized brackets, bolts, nuts and washers, as well as four masonry anchors which attach to the hard surface. These brackets are so sturdy even the strongest and most stubborn of thieves will be thwarted, yet they are subtle enough not to ruin the look of your picnic table bench.


If your wooden picnic bench is kept on a soft surface such as grass, earth or gravel then the best course of action is to concrete the bench into the ground. This is easier than it sounds and really is the only way to protect a picnic table bench on soft ground from theft. Our Hampshire, Wiltshire and Wessex picnic tables and bench seats have the option of extra long legs to facilitate concreting into soft ground with enough leg height above the surface.


These are the only fail-safe ways to stop your picnic benches and tables being stolen, however if you have just bought yours and you are waiting to take these permanent safety measures then consider where you place your picnic table in the meantime. Is it in full view of passers-by? If so, consider moving it to a more private spot where it can’t be seen until you have time to secure it permanently, at which point you’re free to choose any place you like, safe in the knowledge that it is completely safe and secure for you to use and enjoy for years to come.

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