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Mexican Historical Bonds... The Other History Of Mexico Part III

People, Printers and the Mechanics of the Initial Placements...

The next post will be related to the initial placements as to Who, Where and How, this is rather important because it opens to sort of windows of study a) the bonds as scripophilly or "dead documents", that show how things were done in the past, by the way , very efficiently, so that, when it comes to the management of securities, the major advances have been on the technological side; and b) the bonds as "living documents", with all sorts of structures that to some extent may be repackaged, rebranded and of course reissued.

Shakespeare said that "there is nothing new under the sun", and indeed it mark true for financing structures, for instance, it has been said that debt issuances using "Senior Life Settlements" are the new asset class of the future, however, there is evidence that, in the 1300's, the Gementee of Amsterdam (the Mayor's Office), issued debt secured by Life Insurance Policies, that came from the people of Amsterdam unwittingly insured.

The same applies to the sale of future cashflows in bonds, and the so called "Global Issues" as State-of-the-Art financing structures, most of them were tried in Mexico in the 1800's and were very much successful commercially speaking and most unsuccessful politically wise, and it is here where the beauty of these issues reside, with respect to risk management, collections (invasions), renegotiations and specifically in Mexico their current disavowment.

In the next post, we will commence to discuss the People aspect; Financial Agents, Brokers initially.....Stay tuned....

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