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The Monetary Protocol - MonetaryCoin

|Includes: Bitcoin USD (BTC-USD), EOS-USD, ETH-USD, GLD, SGOL

What if Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman created a crypto-currency, what would it look like?

Nobel Prize Winning Theory + Blockchain Technology.

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Abstract. MonetaryCoin is compliant with ERC-20 (EIP-20) and has three key features. First, coins are forged via a Proof-of-Stake approach. Second, stakeholders may elect to add (and later delete) personal information to satisfy anti-money laundering, know-your-customer regulations. Third, once fully distributed, the rate of change in the supply of a MonetaryCoin parallels the rate of change in the GDP of a subject country (monetarism). Monetarism’s limitations are well understood, and today most central bankers instead apply a variety of tools in pursuit of an inflation target, rather than the simplified money target only. The coin serves as a simplified alternative to domestic fiat so that residents may select away from the short-run decisions of their central bank while still retaining money tethered to the long-run progress of the national economy. Because the starting number of coins is capped at not more than 1% of the current M2 per country, MonetaryCoin is designed as a value-added companion to an existing money supply.

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