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Diary of A Day Trader© : April 15, 2011 "WTF? $82,000 = 150 Shares of GOOG!" (And let's get the soccer guy to stop posting game summaries here! It clogs the blog.)

I was on vacation in beautiful Lake Tahoe a few weeks after Google went public. I remember speculating with my friends as to whether or not GOOG was really worth $100 bucks a share. The room was divided. Yesterday, I "jumped" on 150 shares of GOOG after hours, when it was down about $30 bucks a share. The transaction cost me $82,000 and change. I jauntily informed my wife of the transaction. Her "WTF" look of horror caused me to immediately sell for a slight loss. 

Meanwhile, after hours, my tiny swing play LFVN, announced very positive preliminary earnings news, and I'm hoping that baby can pierce the dollar per share mark today and not look back. I've also got my eye on George Soros' FEEC, the Japanese t-shirt outfit HHWW, Great Panther Silver (NYSEMKT:GPL) with silver at record highs, and of course my Facebook friend, Snap Interactive (OTCQB:STVI).

Good luck and trade carefully.