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Diary of A Day Trader© : April 15, 2011 "The Week That Wasn't"

In an effort to extend my Italian holiday one more day, at least symbolically, I jumped on my Cervelo after the market close and pedaled down to Manhattan Beach, CA., about 10 miles south of my house. Cycling is the second best release of stress I know, and it's a good time to take stock of the week that was, Ipod bumpin. Despite the intended goal of relaxation, my competitive spirit on the bike path usually gets the best of me. Essentially, I try not to let anybody pass me. If they do, I give chase for a while, and almost always leave them behind. Not so today, as some dude on a creaky old orange metal Cannondale, with calf muscles twice as big as Popeye's biceps after a bushel of spinach, zipped on by me. I gave chase and briefly passed him. But he gradually wore me down, passed me again, and left me in his wake. Which very much reflects my trading week: chasing profits, getting ahead, then giving back. Sometimes that's the way it goes. Until Monday, arrivederci, have a great weekend, and remember to keep LFVN, FEEC, ICLK, STVI and HHWW on your tradar (trading radar) screen.