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Diary of A Day Trader© : April 18, 2011 "Mid-day Euro-chill; Red Sox Bottom Bouncing"

Market averages have hit new lows mid-day, as that pesky European debt crisis is once again rearing its ugly head. Unless you're on the short side, trading opportunities are relatively scarce and most risky on this down day.

The guys in the FEEC pit are still selling, so I took a small loss on that position. It looks like there's more carnage to come. I just wonder when George Soros and his cronies are gonna step in and start buying up shares of this POS. Also gave my STVI shares up for adoption. The share price seems to be leveling off and basing here, but may be in for another dive lower if the market stays bad.

Still lovin' my LFVN swing. My crystal ball says $1 plus at some point this week. And SKNY is showing some legs, holding the mid .06 cent level.

Meanwhile, my dad's favorite ballclub, the Red Sox, are "bottom-bouncing" off their historically bad start behind some timely hitting by Stanford grad Jed Lowrie.

Good luck and trade carefully--especially on a day like today.