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Diary of A Day Trader© : April 26, 2011 "LEXG has LEGS Galore and the CEYY-hey Kid Came to Play Today"

If you've been following the fate of LEXG stock--or put better, the scary trajectory of the share price for just about anyone who's shorted this overinflated pig--then you've seen something to behold. At one point this penny pumped poop actually hit $5.50 per share! OMG (and no, that's not a stock symbol).

As I alerted mid-day, shares of CEYY were on a tear. Something about a Blue Cross deal. The company continues to put out positive news releases like candy, and the share price appears to be ready to rumble. A caveat though: always play small and carefully with puff daddies like this. One strong gust of wind could send the share price plunging.

Good luck and good trading. Be back in the a.m. with some money-making suggestions. Until then, it's LAKERS time.