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Diary of A Day Trader© : May 2, 2011 "Trading on Vacation Isn't Really Vacation: Good Morning KRMC!"

Traded all morning Friday. Was supposed to be fishing. But caught a lot more profits than I would've fish. When sectors rally, like the lithium craze of last week, it's the best time to cash in. You just can't be too greedy.

Carried over 100,000 shares of KRMC over the weekend. Bought in at .052. Sold in the morning rush for .08...then the "issue" (I think it's a food truck company) surged a couple more pennies to break .10!  Holy buckets!

Only playing small now as the market has reversed post-Bin Laden euphoria waning.

Currently swinging Tapa-sized postions in HEAT, DNAD, LYSCF and CMSI, a pot stock that's gotta go higher!

Finally, I'm gonna post this a few consecutive times to see if anyone...and I mean ANYONE has a chance to read these posts before they get shuffled down. I need to hear from one soul out there who reads these or I just can't post 'em anymore. It's too lonely. That said, if you keep reading these posts, I can make you some money!