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Some Random Thoughts

Investors may want to consider the following items. All require additional research.

1) Paired Trade. General Motors as a long. <5x p/e, 5.5% yield, large buyback. Tesla as a short. No discernible valuation metrics, high capex schedule and cash burn, consistent over promise and under-deliver story. Low oil prices net favor GM over Tesla given market profile.

2) Metlife as a long. Overreaction on Metlife's oil loan portfolio and flattening yield curve. Net of projected losses, the equity trades around 7x earnings, about a 20% discount to normalized averages. Also yields 4%. Historically, Metlife has always been well capitalized and possesses a safe investment portfolio.

3) TWTR as a long. Management is making proactive steps to scale the business. EBITDA margins are very healthy at an adjusted 30%. Given sales are growing quickly, it shouldn't be long before we see strong free cash flow.