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Sri Lanka Investing Blog

I visited Sri Lanka from 14 to 27 October, 2012, and plan to go back in July 2013.

Way to invest in Sri Lanka locally:

Sri Lanka's Brokerages: Investing In The Colombo Stock Exchange

Sri Lanka's ETFs: Unit Investment Trusts

Sri Lanka Income Investing: Banking, Fixed Deposits (CDs), and Bonds

Other notes and links:

I think the investment climate is positive in Sri Lanka and will be writing a series of articles about it. This blog continues below in the comments.

Here is a list of some links that may be useful, and will be updated as I learn more.

Sri Lanka Unit Investment Trusts (a way to invest in various funds investing in the Colombo Stock Exchange; fees are comparable to U.S. mutual funds and ETFs; 9 fund families listed)

Colombo Stock Exchange

List of Colombo Stock Exchange trading member brokerages and member brokerages

Bloomberg list of Sri Lanka's companies

Board Of Investment (BOI) Sri Lanka Home Page (chock full of information)

BOI Sri Lanka Investing In Sri Lanka Page

BOI Sri Lanka Infrastructure Development Overview

All You Need To Know On Investing In The Colombo Stock Excahange (April 2011; a very long blog)

What Constrains Foreign Direct Investment? (in Sri Lanka; June 24, 2012, Sunday Times)

Investing In Sri Lanka brief, legal considerations, by Tiruchelvam Associates, an international law firm

Deloitte international tax Sri Lanka Highlights 2012

HSBC overview of Investing In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Real Estate Market Brief (May 2012; KPMG)

U.S. Dept. of State 2012 Investment Climate Statement - Sri Lanka

CIA World Factbook - Sri Lanka

Critical views of Sri Lanka at Groundviews

Doug Clayton, of Leopard Capital, video interview about Sri Lanka in February 2010

Leopard Capital October 2012 newsletter focusing on Sri Lanka (not available on website yet)

Last updated 11 January 2013