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Myanmar Investing Blog

I am not going to Myanmar yet. However Myanmar is the hot topic in frontier markets and I get plenty of information about it.

If you want private equity deals, I can direct you toward some.

If you want publicly traded securities, the only one that is really a pure play is Yoma Strategic Holdings which trades in Singapore under ticker Z59. However, as of December 2012, multiple people have advised selling Yoma at this time to buy back at a lower price. I own some shares of Yoma but it was a bit of a cavalier position and I'm trimming my own position in Yoma by 80% as of December 2012 on the advice of people who actually have been to Myanmar.

Lots of links below.

On Seeking Alpha, I recommend following John Polomny who keeps abreast of everything going in Myanmar and has written up a bunch of blogs about the country. Here's a search for all his Myanmar links.

Capitalist Exploits has written a lot about Myanmar.

So has Chris Mayer on the Agora Financial pay-site.

Other links:

The Irrawaddy (news, Covering Burma/Myanmar & Southeast Asia)

Myanmar Business Network

A guide to doing business in Myanmar made by PWC.

Introduction to Myanmar traded stocks on and off shore.

Thailand Law Forum has frequent posts on Myanmar that are thorough and interesting.

Last updated 14 January 2012.