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Frontier Markets Authors

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I mainly write about frontier markets. You should definitely read other sources and make informed decisions for yourself before investing in these markets. Here are some other authors on and off Seeking Alpha.

On Seeking Alpha (authors)

AdventuresInCapitalism (see "Off Seeking Alpha" where Harris Kupperman publishes more)

Alan Young (occasionally writes, often comments wisely, about these markets)

Black Gold (covers energy, usually in emerging/frontier markets)

Belgrad Kenne (Africa, specializing in Sub Sahara African Frontier Equity Markets)

Bob Johnson (globetrotter, particularly knowledgeable on Philippines & mining)

Caiman Valores (based in Colombia; South America and globetrotting views)

Capitalist Exploits (see "Off Seeking Alpha" where they publish more)

Chip Krakoff (globetrotter)

Devon Shire (covers energy, sometimes drifts into emerging/frontier markets)

Emerging Markets Watch (Southeast Asia)

Ethan Belding (Africa in context from an adjunct instructor of Sociology who has interests in World Regional Geography and Cultural Anthropology)

Evaluate Energy (covers energy, sometimes drifts into emerging/frontier markets (Namibia article))

Frank Holmes (globetrotting precious metals man)

Free Cash Flow 50 (globetrotter)

Futures Asia (Vietnam & Asia)

Irfan Chaudhry (Egypt, Middle East)

Jan Schalkwijk (Africa)

John Polomny (former newsletter author with a wealth of experience)

Jon Springer (here's a library to find my blogs and articles)

Joseph Harned (hoping he'll write more, insightful commenter)

Kenyan Investor (globetrotter)

KRV (India; not exactly a frontier, but important to frontiers, and under-covered on SA (as, for example, compared to China))

Mutale Mubanga (Africa; based in Zambia)

Nicholas Pardini (globetrotter)

Peter Pham (Vietnam & Global Investing)

Ryan Hoover (Africa)

Ulysses de la Torre (globetrotter; has newsletter off site below)

Uncle Scrooge (globetrotter, Bollore, Mozambique, etc)

Wexboy (globetrotter)

Some commenters of note on Seeking Alpha (following their comments often leads me to good articles I missed, and good data)


Valley Boy

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Off Seeking Alpha

Adventures In Capitalism (Harris Kupperman) (free)
Same site's Leather Apron Club, a weekly letter of interesting data. (free)

Agora Financial's Chris Mayer (pay-wall)

Capitalist Exploits (Chris Tell & Mark Wallace) (free with pay-wall for premium service)

Diverging Markets (Ulysses de la Torre) (free)

Emerging Frontiers Blog (Leopard Capital) (free)

Emerging Markets Insider (Nicholas Pardini) (free)

Emerging Markets Outlook (Chip Krakoff) (free)

Investing Africa (Ryan Hoover) (free)

Sovereign Man (Simon Black) (free with pay-wall for premium service)

List Of All Frontier & Emerging Market ETFs, ETNs & Closed-End Funds (that I know of)


Directory Of Everything By Me


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Last updated 23 January 2013