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Anticipated IPOs Of Mongolia Related Companies

A complete list of my disclosures regarding Mongolia may be found at the Mongolia Weekly Update which also serves as my home page for Mongolia-related topics.

IPOs (and RTOs) on Public Exchanges Outside Of Mongolia

Company, primary business(es), expected listing exchange, timeline, lead banks/brokers

Altain Khuder, iron ore, Hong Kong and/or London, ?

Asia Pacific Investment Partners, real estate & cement & more, 2013, Hong Kong and/or London

Boldtumur Eruu Gol, iron ore, Hong Kong, 3Q or 4Q 2012

Erdenes Tavan Togloi, coking and thermal coal, Hong Kong and London, between 3Q2012 and 2Q2013, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Macquarie, et al

Eumeralla Resources, tungsten, Australia, 2Q or 3Q 2012, CPS Securities

First Mongolia (related to GCN Go Connect), Australia, First Mongolia annoucement

Gobi Coal & Energy, coking coal, Canada, 2Q or 3Q 2012, BMO & Goldman Sachs

Ikh Gobi Energy LLC, coking coal, Hong Kong, 2013, relevant article

Kara Minerals, tin, Australia, 2012?, prospectus from November 2011 from prior listing attempt in December 2011

Kumai Energy Limited, coal, Australia, 2Q 2012, CPS Securities, brochure - contact CPS to participate

Market Vectors Mongolia ETF (Van Eck), mixed, NYSE, ? (May 2011 SEC Filing) (data on Van Eck's Vietnam ETF to consider)

Mogul Ventures, thermal coal, Canada, 2Q or 3Q 2012, relevant interview parts 1, 2 & 3

Monvest (National Lottery), Frankfurt (please note that gambling is not legal in Mongolia)

Real Estate Mongolia, real estate, Canada, 2Q or 3Q 2012, ResCap, relevant interview

Wolf Petroleum, oil & gas, Australia, CPS Securities

IPOs expected on the Mongolia Stock Exchange

Aurum Resources, gold, BDSec (aiming to raise USD$8 million)

Beren Group, iron ore, BDSec (aiming to raise USD$120 million!!!, expected to have a market cap of USD$593 million after IPO - this is the IPO to watch)

E-Trans Logistics, logistics, BDSec (aiming to raise USD$.7 million)

Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi (see above, co-listing with Hong Kong and/or London)

Last updated April 11, 2012