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Burning Fireplace Design Ideas

Having a fireplace in a smoke controlled area doesn’t have to be a burning issue with so many alternatives available. Technical advances in the alternative fire industry produce great results without the hassle of having to remove the ashes.

Unless you’re a cricket fan, English or Australian, chances are you’re not really into ashes, but you probably still want the benefit of an elegant fireplace design. This is because the fireplace mantel has always been a traditional focal point of the room. Families gather around and share thoughts and ideas, women have used the traditional fireplace mantel for cooking and ironing and it’s heated many baths for families in the past. It is because of this usage that some areas are now controlled by a smoke free mandate to prevent smog gathering as it had before in the Victorian period. And although we may not need the fireplace mantel design for quite the same reasons, it doesn’t mean we have lost our desire for a decorative fireplace mantel to create an air of added sophistication and elegance to the room.

The fireplace design whether it is a classic fireplace design, Victorian fireplace mantel or contemporary fireplace design will determine the rest of the accessories around the room. Let’s be honest here, usually, once you’ve chosen your design, you’re unlikely to change it again, at least for a number of years, so you have to be certain of what you like. There is a good range of alternative fire products on the market, either gas, electric or gel that can create the effect of the flickering flames without giving off the smoke and without the hassle of clearing up the ashes. You may want to consider the look and feel for your fireplace design. The size, material and usage before you go ahead and decide which type of fake fire you opt for. Remember this will be an important part of your interior design so it’s recommendable to conduct some research and evaluate the shades of light in the room throughout the day and where you will display your lighting at night. Limestone fireplace mantels and marble fireplace mantels are popular nowadays due to their flexibility in design and usage. Costs are also a factor and keeping them clean. Some fireplace design ideas cover an entire wall, whilst others sit neatly in a corner.

Perhaps you’re interested in something completely different like an outdoor fireplace so you can enjoy the outside even during the cooler nights, and what an interesting and attractive feature to add to your garden. You will create a central feature that everyone can sit and enjoy, whilst keeping warm around a rustic fireplace mantel. Of course, if you’ve not found an off the shelf product that suits either the inside or outside of your house, you can always have a custom fireplace mantel. There is no doubt that all fireplace design ideas add great benefit to any room, small or large, whatever material they are constructed from and most individuals’ faces light up at the thought of a room with a fire.

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