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Fireplace Design Ideas you’ll Warm To

Nothing adds a warm, glowing ambience to a room like a lit fire. The smell of the wood, the crackle of the fire gives a reminiscence of days gone by and simpler times with a hint of romance and a pinch of nostalgia.

If you’re currently considering redoing your fireplace, or in fact contemplating purchasing a new house that is in need of renovation, then accentuated features such as the fireplace can be a make or break. There’s something romantic about an open fireplace that we yearn too whether it be Tuscany fireplace designs that remind us of summer holidays or even skiing, or a Victorian fireplace mantel that evokes memories of Charles Dickens’s stories, the fact is that so many senses are alerted by a fireplace design. From when you touch the cold stoned traditional fireplace mantel which gradually warms as the fire starts to blaze, or smell the smoke and timber as it slowly burns away and then to hear the crackle of the fire generates a cosy, secure sensation in the dead of night.

Elegant fireplace designs add character and nobility to a room. A good fireplace design will create a focal point in the overall interior décor of the room, whether it is a contemporary fireplace design or traditional fireplace mantel. And because fake fires have really developed in the last few years or so, you don’t have to have the mess or bother of tidying up after a real fire. Plus if you have don’t have a real fire, they can be more predictable if you have small children. With real fires, even if you have good fireguard, they still can spit out hot embers that burn into your carpet. There are so many varieties of fake fires available, gas electric and even gel that can recreate the desired effect of the flickering flames creating long shadows on the walls. If its romance you’re after, what is considered more romantic than a large classic fireplace design, two glasses and a shared moment sat by the fire.

Of course technology hasn’t just advanced in the recreation of fire flames, the fireplace design ideas have come a long way too, so you can just about recreate any époque or feature you wish. Furthermore, if you can’t find an off the shelf fireplace then you can commission custom fireplace mantels to fit your specific requirements. Apart from stone, limestone fireplace mantels and marble fireplace mantels prove to be popular and if you’re lucky enough you can source antique fireplace mantels too. There are so many designs from the classic fireplace design like a Balboa or Valencia to modern fireplace designs such as Verona or Bristol it’s hard to make a selection. So the best advice is to take lighting into consideration when preparing your interior design, both natural sunlight and artificial lighting at night. If you want your fireplace for a darker room then it may be wise to choose a simpler design to add relief and create space, whereas a larger room will take a more intricate design built of heavier stone.

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