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3 Things You Need to Know before Setting up Your Stone Fireplace

 Old fashioned stone fireplaces add elegance to the charm of your home and create a cozy surrounding; creating an environment of warmth, and promoting togetherness within the family. Apart from the actual fireplace, the design of the surround that you choose enhances the effect you are aiming to devise. A stone surround is very popular in this aspect. There are many designs for stone fireplace surrounds available, and they are really classy and grand to look at. This article helps you to find the look you want and help you understand everything that concerns your fireplace.

Local Building Codes: Every state has safety specifications that you need to follow when you build a fireplace or do any modifications to it in your house. You must check what these codes are before you do anything. Even replacing the existing stone fireplace surrounds with a new one. Everything you buy must have passed quality checks and quality standards.

Insurance: You need to check whether your home insurance covers accidents due to your fire place and what the conditions are regarding these types of accidents. For example, most insurance companies will not cover accidents from fire places you set up yourself. Even though, do-it-yourself stone fireplace surrounds are good in the short term, you need to consider their consequences in the long term.

Fire Place Accessories: A fireplace is nothing without proper accessories. Grates, screens, pokers, shovels etc. must be purchased not only with beauty in mind, but quality and functionality. The fire place must be maintained regularly. Additionally, the fireplace should be inspected by a professional every year. This way you can make sure to enjoy your memories around the fireplace, while ensuring that everything you love is safe from fire accidents.

Electric versus Gas Fireplaces: There are many types of fuel used to light fireplaces. Gone were the days when only wood was used. Two modern fuels are gas and electricity, but which is best? A gas fireplace doesn’t need a chimney, and since wood is not used, you need not alarm yourself about a log rolling out and starting a fire. They are convenient, easy to use, and come in different styles. Electric fireplaces can be more attractive as well, and their temperature can be adjusted to a level you like.

The surround itself: Why select a stone fireplace surround? Though there are many types of surrounds available, stone fireplace surrounds add a rustic, mysterious old fashioned beauty to your living room that other types definitely will not create. They are naturally durable and don’t need much maintenance. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits without having to work a lot for them.

A good-looking fireplace once properly selected and built will bring warmth on a cold winter day. Imagine sitting in front of a splendid fireplace with stone fireplace surrounds with your loved ones sipping hot chocolate or opening presents and stockings on a magical Christmas morning. Not only will a fireplace add beauty to your home, it will be a source of pride and sweet moments for you!

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