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Help! How Do I Bookmark A Comment On A Seeking Alpha Article?

These instructions use as an example the Seeking Alpha article whose URL is:

Windows Browsers

The answer to this question should be simple for most if not all Windows users.

Each comment ends with a line that starts with a timestamp, then an icon that looks like two chain links, then 'Report Abuse', 'Like', and 'Reply'. This is a short comment of mine:

a Seeking Alpha comment

To bookmark this comment, simply right-click on the chain link icon. Your browser should give you a list of options from which you can create a bookmark to the comment. I say 'should' because I have tested IE and Firefox, but there may be other Windows browsers that do not have this feature. More on this below.

You can also find this comment in the comment history (you can look at the comment history of any user):

comment history entry

The procedure here is to right-click on 'Link to Comment'.

My Windows browser does not work with right-click, what do I do?

This is trickier and doable but requires some patience. Follow these steps:

1) Be sure you have the article open in your browser.

2) Download the HTML document for the article to your hard drive. Your browser should have the ability to store articles in a specific location on your hard drive. IE options can be examined by clicking on the gear icon at the upper right of the window, then selecting 'File=>Save as'. Firefox options can be examined by clicking on the 'open menu' icon - 3 horizontal lines - at the upper right of the window, then 'Save Page'.

3) Use a text editor such as Notepad to open the HTML document. Search for specific text in your comment. I used Notepad to search for the phrase "misscbd discovered how to", and this is what I found:

notepad view of HTML

4) You now have the information you need to construct the URL that will take your browser directly to this comment. The URL is the plain vanilla URL of the article, with the following tacked on to the end:

  • #comment-62452706

This data comes from the 'span' HTML statement immediately preceding the comment text. The URL for the comment is thus:

Oh No Mister Bill! I use a MAC, what do it do?

I do not use a MAC so help from me is necessarily limited. I borrowed a MAC and tried the Windows procedure on the Safari browser, and it did not work - what a surprise. However, there is a feature of the Safaria browser that WILL work.

1) Open the article in the browser and locate the comment you want to bookmark.

2) Highlight the comment.

3) Right-click and select 'Add to Reading List', which will give you the entire article, but open it at the comment.

I have not had access to any other MAC browsers so cannot help beyond Safar.

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