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Japanese company just made a killing

Avex just finished up a concert. Avex is a record label monopoly in Japan. So if they sneaze then all the musical groups fall all over each other trying to bring a facial tissue.

Normally Avex holds a concert around this time of year in Tokyo. This year it was held in Nagai Koen, (Sumiyoshi Ward) Osaka.

Point being, a lot of business is moving from East Japan to West Japan.

100,000 people came out. It was a mad house. The massive turnout is a little strange. With the global economy going down the drain, seems lots of people have plenty of disposable income to spend on the circus.


Lets return to Tokyo, where housewives have been going crazy to either leave Japan or move to west Japan or Okinawa. This is especially true when there are small children.

As the wives rage, the men are looking to be transferred to western Japan.

Several months afterwards, expats are being called back to Tokyo. Wonder if this is used as a way to have them quit?

Guess the days of Tokyo are numbered. The aftermath of the earthquake/tsunami/Fukushima triple whammy will be seen in the population drain from Tokyo over the next few years. Look especially at tourism numbers as well as the number of students looking to enter Keio and Tokyo Universities.

The j gov't will try to cover up what's going on in Fukushima. Will try to cover up the numbers of suspected radiation sicknesses, but the population movement and economic consequences are an open book.

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