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Experience And Success

After 60 years and 200 comments I have been asked why I have written so many comments without an article. The answers are these: I am a better responder than activist, I have written opinions many times before, and......I am 78 years old.

After reading (and responding) to many comments in SA I have come to the conclusion that most writers are well meant and assiduous in their comments. This is a good thing. A site such as SA is a valuable and educational tool and the fact that it is free, leaves for certain license. There are the researched items, with the graphs, charts, and comparative analysis, along with the writers astute opinions. There are the responders (such as myself) who weigh in with their input-opinion-rating etc. some with great gravitas. Then there is SA's home page, sprinkled with headings rom Porfolo to ALERTS.

All..... without charge. Thank you, "Seeking Alpha"

I have been in the financial business since October 5 ,1952. It has been wonderful to me. Has it been all good?....of course not! But the business has always paid off. It still does. I am presently retired, that is except from my trading from home. It is beyond my control

I have three sons, two of which are in the business. One trades oil futures in Chicago, the other trades currencies in New York City.

Thank you Daniel Colella for pushing me this far.

Anything else: read my comments. I stand by them.

Disclosure: I am long FB, ZNGA.