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Comment For China Stock Market 2016/09/21

China stocks rebounded after a volatile trading day with SHA climbed about 0.1%.Investors generally are pricing no-hike from Fed and buy into shares which are relatively cheaper than those of one month ago. Money flowed into Superconductive Material, Water Conservancy and Environment Conservation sectors. Shanghai Wondertek Software Co, a telecommunication software producer, rallied to limit-up as money rushed into this newly-listed company. DXY went through a choppy trading and stayed around 96 as BOJ released the policy for September with some unexpected policy tweak to weaken yen. CNYUSD fell to 6.67 yet inter-bank market in mainland and Hongkong showed no much relief of rmb liquidity for the short term.In commodity market, coke, manganese alloy and palm oil led the rally for another day as the supply side tightened. For we considered that the shock from FOMC, if any, would generally stay in short term, investor can position for some theme for Q4, including high tech material, SZ-HK link and gov supported PPP sectors, with our mid term target 3100 for SHA. Both index futures and etf options can also be included to enhance alpha in the recent trade of low volatility.

Also I found this interesting meetup group for Traders in SH. Welcome to join.

Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.