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Update: Performance Of The PAM Portfolio, So Far (Closed Trades: As Of October 12, 2018); New Market Upside Phase Begins Next Week


Here is the performance of the PAM portfolio, so far (closed trades, as of October 12, 2018).

We expect that performance to improve further in the very near future, as the equity markets recover, and PAM members benefit from new long positions.

We also expect oil prices to recover, and we will be guiding PAM members to optimize new oil and E&P long trades sometime this coming week.

The US Dollar should also resume the uptrend sometime this coming week. We at PAM will add to our structural long DXY positions, and will show members the optimal levels where to initiate new DXY longs.

These optimization exercises are done in real-time: comments and charts of unfolding market action and appropriate EWP schematics are uploaded to the chat rooms; we tell members when to enter/exit and let them do those ahead of PAM's trades.

Predictive Analytic Models (PAM) is the only advisory service at SA which provides REAL-TIME trading/investment analyses and commentaries.

PAM teaches you how to trade successfully; you make money at your own pace and at the scale of risk capital you choose. PAM has in its wings the most talented and experienced market traders and investors at Seeking Alpha and elsewhere. They enrich the PAM experience with their expertise which they willingly share with traders/investors who are just starting out in their career.

We use statistical and numerical analyses to obtain the direction of actionable long or short opportunities from relationships that are inherent between and among fundamental (macro) data, systemic liquidity, and market prices.

We fine-tune the trade entry and exit points by using Elliott Wave Principle (EWP) price structures to optimize profitability, in REAL-TIME.  More importantly, we do not use conditional "if not, then else" contingency application of EWP, which is a travesty.  

PAM trades its own account and shares the trade and investment process with members of PAM. Trades for PAM are executed only after the members have been duly notified via the Chat facility, and officially confirmed by email.

See all PAM Member reviews here 

We provide REAL-TIME analysis of market developments in the four major asset classes (equities, bonds, commodities, foreign exchange) as the market unfolds on day-to- day. When PAM decides to enter or exit trades, we give members of PAM the first opportunity to do so, ahead of us. We never front-run the trades of the members.


Here is the performance of the PAM portfolio, so far (closed trades, as of October 12, 2018).

See the spreadsheet here.

Since we opened shop on April 26, 2018, we have provided our subscribers a hit rate is 83.36% winners, 92 out of 110 trades closed as of October 12, 2018.

Aggregate percentage of winners: 1,350.08%

Aggregate percentage of losers: 304.37% (which includes two cases of 100% losses of option premia). 

This is not exactly apples-to-apples comparison but it should provide a perspective of the relative percentage size of winners vs losers. 


We extend the old pricing of the service of $700/year until October 30, 2018.

After this date, the price of the service will increase to $1,500/year. 

There are no monthly payments. 

Discussions like these occur every day and in greater detail at our PAM investment service site. Consider paying us a visit today!

We have ended the free two-week trial: we feel we not have to prove ourselves any more:

The model signals are discussed in the Chat Room as actionable events form up. You have nothing to lose - a lot of market knowledge to learn. More details about the signals here.

More actionable investment ideas based on this article have been earlier presented to, and discussed with, members of the PAM investment community. We invite readers to join us.

For more detailed information about our service, kindly go here.

Disclosure: I am/we are long Equities, PMs, DXY, OIL.