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Casual Analyst Is Now EnerTuition

Dear Readers,

I have started writing at Seeking Alpha, over a year back, mainly as a hobby. The reception from readers has been tremendous and, over time, I have come to a conclusion that the Wall Street coverage of the emerging renewable industry is subpar and I can provide a more valuable service to investors.

I have been spending an increasing amount of time on Seeking Alpha and my readership has grown significantly over time. With the arrival of the Seeking Alpha Premium Author platform, and with many industry veterans, C-level executives, mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds, VC funds, etc, becoming regular readers, the scope of the discourse, and the user interactions have changed significantly since the early days.

On reflection, I believe the time has come to pick a new name for my Seeking Alpha presence that is more reflective of the current state of affairs as well as the incisiveness of the commentary that I offer.

Going forward, the "Casual Analyst" name will be retired and I will be writing under a new name "EnerTuition".

While the name will change, the quality of the content will remain the same. My goal is to continue to provide cutting edge commentary on the companies and fields I cover.

The scope of my writings will increase to include solar, wind, storage and other technologically driven energy industries. However, I continue to maintain a full time M&A practice and I will continue to be limited in terms of how much time I can spend to serve this audience.

Thank you for your readership and patronage. I look forward to having vibrant discourse on all matters related to emerging technologies.