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Tesla Supercharger Policy Changes & Impacts

|About: Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)


There is no doubt that Tesla needs to reset Supercharger strategy.

But, is the recent change the right one?

Never underestimate the management incompetence at Tesla.

Electrek is reporting that there is change in Tesla (TSLA) Supercharger policy:

Tesla introduces new ‘Supercharger Fair Use’ policy to focus on long distance travel and deter commercial use

Tesla is introducing a new ‘fair use’ policy for its Supercharger network today. This is to deter the commercial use of its charging stations, which has become a problem in some markets…"

Does it make sense?

Tesla must reset its ill thought out Supercharger strategy. It has been a disaster and continues to be a disaster.

While changing the policy on new car sales does make sense, we are not sure if Tesla can put restrictions on car resales. Such as change will have a direct impact on resale prices. We are not sure if the change could be made legally unless the original purchase contract had the language that provides the flexibility. Even then, we are skeptical.


Commercial sales will certainly go down after this for Model S and X.

Resale values on older cars will go down as commercial drivers stay away.

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