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Underappreciated Benefits Of Tesla Ownership


Some blokes were discussing the underappreaciated benefits of Tesla:

This had me thinking about what it is that Tesla critics underappreciate the most about Tesla.

Here is some cult member gold. Please feel free to add.

  • You never get bored with all the looks you get from people who stare at your Tesla. No other car feels this special.
  • You never run out of stories to tell about your Tesla - like  the time the door did not open and you had to crawl through the window to get going.
  • You like the test of faith and surprises you get by buying a car without a test drive with the secure thought that everything will be fixed by OTA later.
  • Thanks to OTA, you can buy your Tesla early before it is ready. You can't do that with any other manufacturers. Whatever feature is not there or not working, Tesla will update it or fix it in the future with OTA.
  • Musk, being the genius that he is, may even fix panel gaps and hardware bugs with OTAs in the future.
  • You like living with a hope that some of the features that you paid for will work someday. If they don't, at least you know you are contributing to a cause.
  • If a feature does not work, you never have to worry. You know good things come to people who are patient - by OTA. If it doesn't come before your lease ends or before you sell your Tesla, you know the next guy is going to get it. Or, if not him, the guy after that. Someone is going to benefit. Musk is very humanitarian that way.
  • You like how cool it is that Tesla can enable and disable features with an OTA. if a feature that worked last week does not work anymore, you can ignore securely with the knowledge that it may have been recalled in an OTA.
  • You never knew there were so many good people at an Tesla service centers. Tesla gives you an opportunity to make new friends. No other manufacturer comes close.
  • You never realized the power of prayer. Having the car break down on the way to an important engagement can make you feel closer to god.
  • You never appreciated the value of a reliable car until now.
  • You are amazed by the antique artisanal quality of your car and learning that no car manufacturer had made cars with this many imperfections in the last 20 or 30 years.
  • You can hope that your car's fit, paint, and other imperfections may make it a classic one day. 
  • You never know if people are laughing with you or at you but your faith is strong. You enjoy being a Tesla cult member. 

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