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Leimo: A Hassle-Free Baldness Treatment

It has turned out to be a common assumption that the treatment of alopecia (medical term for hair loss) usually requires a few hours of your time every day, exhausts much effort from you, and calls for spending a lot of money. It has become a usual notion that lots of time, patience, and cash are natural parts of freeing oneself from baldness.

Fortunately, the Leimo Personal Hair Laser is there to prove all those statements wrong. Leimo changes the face of hair loss treatment with its hair laser. It makes use of laser therapy, which involves cold beam lasers or laser lights in making the scalp capable of growing healthy hair again. Laser therapy for baldness used to be available in hair care clinics only. With the Leimo Personal Hair Laser, you can now be spared from scheduling visits and sessions to hair care clinics or salons and enjoy laser therapy for your problematic hair condition at the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The efficiency of the Leimo Personal Hair Laser in curing alopecia lies in the two therapies it uses—the low-level laser therapy (LLLT) and the light-emitting diode therapy (LEDT). The tissues and cells in the scalp are energized via photo-bio-stimulation through LLT (low-level laser therapy). The hair follicles and cells in the dermis are restored because of LEDT (light-emitting diode therapy). With both therapies, the hair laser promotes a better circulation of blood by expanding the veins and capillaries in the scalp, making nutrients flow into the hair follicles. Nourished hair follicles are the ones that are able to grow healthy hair shafts.

>From the mechanics involved to the design of the device—handheld, cordless, and light—the Leimo Personal Hair Laser can be used with convenience and gives a soothing feeling of a massage and acupuncture effect on the scalp. The vigilant use of the hair laser only requires 10 minutes of your time each day. It comes in only a fraction of the cost paid in getting laser therapy from hair care clinics and salons. Aside from it being convenient to use, needing only 10 minutes daily, and not expensive, the Leimo Personal Hair Laser is very safe to use. It does not cause systemic side effects and classified as an NSR (nonsignificant risk) laser device.