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The Best Hair Loss Product for That Bothersome Receding Hairline

A receding hairline, which is more pronounced in men, is the initial stage of male-pattern hair loss or baldness. Eventually, thinning of the hair or hair loss occurs at the crown or top area of the head. Hair loss in both areas then meets and creates a bigger and more apparent bald patch. Hair experts have stated that the main factor in causing a receding hairline in men is heredity or genes. There is great news, however, despite these facts. It is also a fact that the best hair loss product exists, one that contains potent and accurate DHT inhibitors.

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is an androgen by-product of the primary male hormone testosterone being acted upon by 5-alpha reductase enzymes. The buildup of DHT in the scalp causes damage to the hair follicles by shrinking or miniaturizing them. Miniaturized hair follicles are only able to grow thin, short, and colorless strands of hair. There is usually a high presence of DHT in genetically vulnerable males aged 25 and older. Women, however, are also prone to the formation of DHT in the scalp, especially if there is a great decrease of estrogen levels in their body.

The formation of the McDonald’s M logo at the hairline is a determinant of a man’s receding hairline. On the Norwood-Hamilton scale of hair loss, receding hairline is a scale of 2A. The Norwood-Hamilton Scale ranges from 2 to 7, with 7 as the worst degree of baldness. The scale shows a visual presentation of progressive stages of hair loss in men; it is used to measure the degree of hair loss a man is experiencing. If the degree of the hair loss is 2A, then it is advisable that the best hair loss product be purchased already.

Known to be effective and safe to use—the best hair loss product—is Leimo. Leimo provides an organic-based treatment regimen to stop receding hairline from worsening. It is a regimen involving the use of a bio-cleansing shampoo, thickening conditioner, scalp scrub, scalp therapy, and scalp serum. Each of those hair loss products complements one another in preventing the receding hairline to go any further. Leimo’s Scalp Therapy contains saw palmetto extracts, a natural ingredient that functions as a DHT inhibitor. Aside from preventing a receding hairline to recede any further, Leimo products can also stimulate the growth of new healthy strands. Another factor that makes Leimo the best hair loss product is its all-natural treatment, meaning that no harmful side effects can be obtained by using it. Leimo is effective, safe, and gives more than the desired results.