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A Personal Review Of A Treatment Product For A Very Personal Condition

I needed to be talked into buying this product after the end of my free trial because it was a bit pricey. I admit I did notice something after the end of my 30-day free trial. And now, I'm still getting very satisfactory results for 6 months in a row. I didn't regret ever paying for this, unlike with the products I used before which were such a waste of money and time!

My hair used to be very thin, dry, and somehow has stopped growing. It has had the same length as it had a year ago; I was so worried that I tried using the synthetic topical products but they were huge failures. After using Leimo, my hair has never been more manageable and softer. It has added moisture to my hair and my brush is now pulling out lesser hair strands.

If you are currently using Leimo, I'm telling you, you would probably barely notice anything after your trial. Perhaps, I'm one of those lucky ones to gain from it within such a short period. My only tip is that you should use the products as directed; otherwise, you're only jeopardizing its potential on you. Use the Leimo Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and the Thickening Conditioner every day; the Scalp Scrub, three times a week; the Scalp Therapy and Scalp Serum, upon waking up and before going to bed, respectively. (The smell is not really what you might find agreeable but it's good nevertheless.) All these directions may come off a little tedious but it grows into a habit in the long run.

I'm definitely recommending this product especially if you end up frustrated with your current treatments. But here's the catch again, the product is a little expensive but I personally think it is worth it. I am very pleased with the product and still awaiting for something more.

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