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5 Highly-Effective Hair Care Tips For Women With Hair Loss

Hair loss is a condition that affects both sexes. Although incidences of hair loss in men far exceed that of women's, it seems that women are doubly affected by this crippling condition. While some men get by with a receding hairline or thinning hair with the right cut, the use of caps, or sport a shaven head, women dwell over the loss, grieve, and are too embarrassed to come out in the open. There are just so many things women can't do without hair. And worse, they would rather suffer in silence.

Before I share with you some hair care tips, I'd like to tell you that with or without hair, you are beautiful. You are so much more than your hair. Keep on reading and find out that there are a lot of things you can do instead of keeping it to yourself.

Find Out What Is Causing Your Hair Loss

For one, you can always start with finding out what is causing your hair loss. You can lose your hair for a number of reasons like hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, medical conditions, and stress. Every hair loss cause as enumerated bring with them solutions. Find out more highly effective hair care tips as you read on.

Maintain a Diverse and Balanced Diet

The diet you maintain offers numerous benefits for the health of your hair. As you consume a wide array of different foods, you are ensured that you are getting all the nutrients your body and hair need. Your hair will benefit from the vitamins and minerals out from the foods you eat or the supplements you maintain. In view of the fact that you only need moderate amounts of these essential nutrients, you also need to balance your intake as excess in certain vitamins may also have adverse repercussions on overall health.

Practice Proper Hair Care

Be constantly reminded of the fact that your hair is a privilege, not a right. Like a garden, you need to keep the soil healthy and free from harmful chemicals so you can reap good fruits and flowers. Your hair also thrives on the nourishment you provide it. Avoid hair products that will temporarily fix your hair but then permanently damage it. Prevent the use of heating instruments like irons, blow dryers and the like. Use a wide-toothed comb when hair is wet to prevent hair breakage. Pass up on tight hairstyles that may eventually lead to traction alopecia. Simply wash it and keep it clean. When it comes to hair care, less is more.

Do Scalp Massage

Not only is a scalp massage stress-relieving, it is also fundamental in promoting good scalp circulation. You may also use essential oils like olive oil, jojoba oil, basil and rosemary oil. All these bring positive benefits on your scalp and hair. As you massage your entire scalp 5-10 minutes daily, you improve the absorption of nutrients, thereby stimulate hair regrowth.

Stop DHT

Finally, in order for your hair to stop shedding, your scalp must be free from dihydrotestosterone (NYSE:DHT)-the primary cause of hair loss. You may start with the traditional natural remedies like nettles, dong quai, green tea, and aloe vera or you may go for products that contain these herbs as main ingredients. This way, you are guaranteed of the product safety.

Oral and topical medications may provide you with accurate results, but don't take them without prescription. You may be overwhelmed with the side effects more than you are with the results. Moreover, you should steer clear from the FDA-approved medication finasteride as it is exclusively a treatment for male pattern hair loss. Women, especially those of reproductive age should even avoid handling the drug as it may have serious medical implications.

As DHT is stopped, you stop the onset of hair loss, prevent its recurrence and place yourself in a better position to start regrowing your hair using safe and effective hair loss treatment products.

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