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The Leading Causes Of Hair Loss

Worried about your thinning hair? Before you leap into a course of treatment, look at what might be causing your hair to fall. Hair loss can be extremely difficult to accept and deal with. However, if you understand the common causes of this condition you can take steps to prevent it or reduce its severity.

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Age: As you age, your hairs tend to break more easily, and hair follicles do not grow as much hair. However, this type of baldness is often reversible by using treatments which targets the hormonal problem. Moreover, age also affects our baldness in a more permanent way - some of our hair follicles die, and this condition cannot be reversed. For those of you interested in stats, 2 out of 5 men and 1 out of 5 women suffer from hair loss at the age of 20-30.

Illness: Infections of the scalp, scarlet fever, and typhoid fever are three prominent illnesses that cause baldness. This type of baldness is also often reversed when you recovered from the said illnesses - most can expect all their hair to regrow back.

Genetics: The culprit hormone behind most hair loss (DHT or, dihydrotestosterone) is produced in different quantities by different people, and hair follicles seem to have different susceptibilities to the effects of this hormone - these differences are programmed into our genes. Baldness that is genetically determined is rare, and often irreversible.

Lifestyle: This can cause baldness in some individuals - such as tight braiding, poor diet, and so on. Often the baldness is reversible, but it does depend on what actually caused it. For example, tight braiding can sometimes scar the scalp, destroy the hair follicles thus making the normal hair regrowth essentially impossible.

Environment: Exposure to caustic gases, xrays and pollutant can also be a cause of baldness.

Medications: Most people know that severe hair fall (that may sometimes even lead to baldness) is a side effect of chemotherapy drugs for cancer. But what most people do not know is that medicines for depression, bipolar disorder, and acne can also cause alopecia or baldness. Any medicine containing amphetamines - often prescribed for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders and also present in diet pills - can cause your hair to fall.

Hair Treatments: Hair treatments with hot oils or irons, and perming, coloring, bleaching, or straightening, will weaken your hair and cause it to break off. Even using blow dryers weakens hair, and can thin hair out over the years if you use the dryers on the hottest setting all the time.

Fungal infections or tumors of the scalp: This can easily be cured via medicine, although it may take an extremely long time - weeks to months to years - for the drugs to take full effect and for hair to regrow fully.

Poor nutrition: The lack of protein or iron in the diet causes hair loss. However, hair returns after you change your diet and when you get enough of these nutrients.

If you can clearly pinpoint the reasons why you are losing your hair, choosing the right treatment course becomes a lot easier. Changing your lifestyle and practicing a healthy diet are key factors to prevent hair loss.

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