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Diversification Or Diworsification?

I was pondering what is the best possible way to diversify an individual's money?

My first thought was an ETF, but then I realized even the most diversified ETF can fail.

Then I thought what about a currency? The value of a currency is affected by how an entire country performs. Countries can fail though.

What if the two were combined? An ETF comprised of every single currency. Ultimate diversification achieved. It would take multiple World Wars to destroy the value of your portfolio.

The value of your money would be very safe, but your money wouldn't grow. No risk no reward.

The only thing that concerns me about this idea is how would this hybrid (ETF/currency) react to one country going under? The Euro is basically this idea, but on a smaller scale. The Euro is a very strong currency, but it can be modestly affected by underperforming nations.